By Kathleen Ries-Jubenville

Hi, I’m Kathleen Ries-Jubenville, author of the book, “Grow a Pair of Antlers: The Fearless Climb to Lead Your Herd” and founder of The Fearless Climb.  I am a High Performance Growth Consultant who teaches success strategies in personal growth and business leadership to people who are striving for more abundance in their lives.

I have been a student of personal growth since my early twenties.  My journey began when I first listened to the audiobook “Awaken the Giant Within” by performance expert Tony Robbins.  His powerful message instilled in me the belief that I can exert significant control over my emotions and my destiny.  As a result, I have actively and strategically pursued challenging opportunities in my career to develop expertise in business finance, management and leadership.  For twelve years, I worked for an international corporation to learn how the “big guys” achieve financial success.  During this time, I attended college classes in the evenings and on the weekends to earn my bachelor’s degree in business finance.  I then started my own accounting consulting firm to teach small business owners professional standards of excellence and assist them in implementing streamlined operational systems.  I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs establish and expand their business ventures and increase their profitability.  I enjoyed the work of helping people achieve their dreams so much, I decided to write a book and become a Certified High Performance Coach to serve people exponentially.

I pour my life’s passions, values and experiences into the way I teach and coach people like you.  As you will discover, I include many of my beliefs in my message.  I am Christian and share wisdom from and thoughts about my faith.  However, my success strategies are not intended to be only for Christians.  They are for every person on his or her journey of personal growth and, ultimately, leadership and service to others.  My goal is to be your guide by sharing what has worked to get me through my struggles and forward on my climb.  I recommend you take each concept and apply it as you see fit, adapted to your own beliefs, interests and talents.

Each of us is starting with a different background, level of experience and understanding, but anyone can apply the same success strategies to Grow a Pair of Antlers or make them stronger.  I will guide you through the planning and preparations for your climb, then take you each step of the way from the foothills to the summit to help you become a Fearless Buck or Fearless Doe and implement the skills required to Lead Your Herd.  It does not matter if you are new to the work world or have years of experience, there is always room to learn and grow.

Perhaps you are just starting out on your career.  Do you feel too young to lead? Or maybe you have an entry level position and title and can’t imagine how that offers opportunities to lead?  I understand how you feel.  I began like you and worked my way up the corporate ladder.  But it’s important to understand that leadership is not a title. It is a set of applied values, attitudes, and strategies.  Promotions and titles are given to people who are already leaders.  For now, just start with where you are and what you have.  A leader’s influence is not limited by age, gender, race, education or title.  You only need intentional purpose and courageous actions.  The Fearless Climb will be your guide.  Congratulations on your decision to take action and pursue your dreams and goals!

Or, perhaps, you already are a manager or a CEO, but you want to make a bigger impact.  You want to be a better leader.  You are successfully managing day-to-day operations, but feel you could be inspiring and mentoring your staff to a bigger and better cause.  The Fearless Climb is designed to help you connect with a deeper purpose.  The world needs your commitment to sharing your message and passion with others.  You already understand your legacy is actualized in service to others, but you want to be more intentional and focused on this goal.  I respect you for taking the initiative and time to take your influential leadership to the next level. Take a moment to feel proud of the impact you have already made in people’s lives and your desire to give even more!

Wherever you find yourself on the path of clarity and confidence in Leading Your Herd, your desire to make a positive difference in the world is an indicator of the amazing purpose and courage already within you.  I congratulate you on your desire to #growapairofantlers!

I invite you to join me in the free High Performance Growth School™ and connect with me on social media to receive success strategies for experiencing more abundance in your life.  I look forward to getting to know you!


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