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The Fearless Climb to Lead Your Herd

Intentional Purpose

Do you ever feel like God has so much more planned for you than you are experiencing? When you define your purpose, you achieve clarity about who you want to help, inspire, lead, and influence. You have confidence to intentionally pursue your goals and find meaning and joy on your courageous journey.

Courageous Actions

Allow boldness into your imagination. Don't set any limits to your confidence, abilities, or resources. When you have a good idea, take one small bold action towards it. Keep taking small bold actions each day and you will gain momentum. You will begin to inspire, influence, and lead others.

Influential Leadership

In our connected world, we have never-before-available opportunities to become leaders of love, integration, respect, and community. Let's encourage each other while we share our struggles and our success stories. Let's Grow our Antlers and start creating the world we want to live in today!


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