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Grow a Pair of Antlers:

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Get All the Training & Support You Need to Create a Profitable & Enjoyable Business!


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Growing a Business is HARD


but as the BUSYness increases, so does the stress and overwhelm.

Business owners often end up:

  • Having so many ideas, they don't know where to begin.
  • Struggling to get enough clients or keeping up with the ones they have.
  • Doing too many things on their own.
  • Working too hard for too many hours.
  • Taking home too little cash!
If they don't get out of this grind, they will end up closing shop and going back to work for someone else.
  • You have created this business and don't want to give it up and feel like you failed.
  • You don't want to punch the time clock in a job ever again.
  • You love the control you have over your schedule and your impact in the world.
  • You want to be a role model for your kids and create financial security for your family.
  • You want to share your entrepreneurial success with pride and joy!
You know you can do are determined and resilient.  And, you have seen others succeed! 
But how did they do it?


  • You weren't born with the know-how to run a business.
  • Your college education didn't teach you these skills.
  • And your corporate career certainly didn't prepare you!
So how can you be expected to know how to build and grow a successful business?
Kathleen provides the training and support you need to create a profitable and enjoyable business!


Business Coaching with The Fearless Climb will help you start and grow your business!


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4 Steps to Level Up, Slow Down & Make More Money!

Step 1

Discovery Call

The Discovery Call is a no-obligation, get-to-know-you call with Kathleen, so you can ask a small business question and discover how coaching can help you start and grow your business.

Step 2

Strategy Session

The Strategy Session is a complimentary planning discussion to identify business opportunities, set goals, and commit to taking action.

Step 3

Coaching Program

The Coaching Program is a customized plan for your business development to increase leads and sales conversions, and build great systems and teams.

Step 4

Profitable & Enjoyable Business

You learned the skills and created the systems so you can continue to build and grow your Profitable & Enjoyable Business on your own!

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Kathleen is Your Experienced Guide


Why Work with a Business Coach?

A Business Coach is an experienced guide to help you navigate the trail on your Fearless Climb to the Summit of Success.

You worked hard to get your business to where it is today. You know how to sell your products and serve your clients.
But hard work is only part of success.
You need the right proven, successful strategies and systems to build and grow your business with less friction and stress in your life so you can experience more joy, freedom, and abundance.
Kathleen has over 30 years of business leadership and management experience.
She has also invested in continuing education to provide the highest level of service to her clients as a Certified Business Made Simple Coach and a Certified High Performance Coach.
Business ownership has provided her with the flexibility, creativity, and profitability she enjoys, so she is passionate about helping others achieve their dreams too!
Kathleen knows the trail well.  She has built a business from the ground up and sold it, plus she has helped 100's of small business owners build and grow their companies.
She can help you create a profitable and enjoyable business that breaks through the barriers and provides you with the time and the money you desire!

Get the training and support you need to create a profitable and enjoyable business!


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