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Picture of Kathleen Ries-Jubenville, Owner & Business Coach of The Fearless Climb



Launch Your Business to The Summit of Success!

The Ultimate Guidebook for
Certified Coaches & Consultants



Launch Your Business to The Summit of Success!

The Ultimate Guidebook for Certified Coaches & Consultants

Picture of Kathleen Ries-Jubenville, Owner & Business Coach of The Fearless Climb

The Path to The Summit of Success

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1. Fearless Climber

Develop the business skills & mindset of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world!

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2. Compelling Message

Craft a clear, compelling offer and message to attract the clients you want!

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3. Courageous Marketing

Show up courageously to establish credibility and build trust in the online market!

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4. Confident Selling

Build an ethical sales process and confidently lead people to work with you!

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Grow a Pair of Antlers:

The Fearless Climb to Lead Your Herd

Learn the leadership skills mastered by the most successful business owners in the world:  Intentional Purpose, Courageous Actions, and Influential Leadership.

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- I can coach you on the leadership & mindset skills that create your success as an entrepreneur. You will gain the confidence you need to succeed!


- I can train you on the proven business systems that create more profits and more freedom. You will gain the clarity you need to succeed!



Struggle on your own or try to talk to your family and friends who don't understand your journey.


Guess at what to try next, then procrastinate and stress about how to do it without any guidance.


Waste time and money trying to figure it out alone.


But I can only help you if you reach out to me. I encourage you to stop trying to do this alone. Building a business is not easy. Maybe coaching with me will not be the right step for you, but you won't know unless you chat with me to find out more about how I can help.

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Picture of Kathleen Ries-Jubenville, Owner & Business Coach of The Fearless Climb

What People are Saying About

Business Training & Coaching with Kathleen

"Her knowledge makes her an amazing business coach."

"Kathleen has been an amazing resource for me as I started to grow my business. She is the epitome of a high performer and has encouraged me every step of the way as an entrepreneur. I highly recommend her if you are considering her services."

- Michelle K.

"She helped me clarify my online marketing message to effectively generate new leads."

"Kathleen is an absolute gem of a coach! Her business expertise and compassionate coaching style have drastically improved the foundation of my business and outlook on its future profitability."

- Zak A.

"Never - not once - showed up half-hearted to a session with me."

"The joy and energy she consistently brought to each session gave me the excitement to dream and reach further than I previously considered, reaching for greater possibilities for myself and for the legacy I could leave for my children."

- Isaac S.

"Working with Kathleen has been nothing short of amazing."

"Working with Kathleen has been nothing short of amazing. She has helped me grow my consulting business by working on key details in my business from marketing to pricing to strategy. I highly recommend Kathleen as a Business Coach!"

- Lisa F.

"Very good at making it simple and understandable."

"Kathleen is friendly, professional, knowledgeable and empathetic. She is very good at breaking down information and making it simple and understandable. I highly recommend Kathleen to see how she can level you and your business up!"

- Ayami H.

"I am seeing more clients book."

"I can't say enough great things about Kathleen and her genuine passion to help others! Since working with her, my business has gotten much more clarity in messaging and systems processes. I am seeing more clients book and this is all thanks to Kathleen's great work!"

- Heather C.

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