3 Bulletproof Ways to Package Your Consulting Services to Make More Money

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By: Kathleen Ries-Jubenville   |    Read time: 3 minutes


Is your consulting business income stuck because you can’t possibly take on any more clients? Are you doing all the work yourself, so you can’t afford to get sick or take a vacation and lose out on billable hours?

The solution is to package your services to stop billing by the hour! You will free yourself of your self-imposed timeclock. You will stop feeling like you have 30 bosses called clients who are watching your time like a hawk and pushing back at you anytime you need to work extra hours to get their job done. And imagine how nice it will be to feel respected for providing great results, even if you worked fewer hours to earn the same amount of money!

Here are 3 bulletproof ways to package your consulting services to make more money:

1. Create Several Package Options

Provide a low, medium, and high service package choice during the sales call. Some people call them Silver, Gold, and Platinum packages, for example. Each package will include the services included in the lower package, plus some new services. So, each package is progressively more expensive.

2. Offer Extra Services to Add On to the Packages

Offer add-on services that any client can include at any package level. For example, if you are a bookkeeper or payroll service, could you offer to help with the annual workers’ compensation insurance audit as an optional add-on available to all clients, no matter which package they selected?



3. Start with Your Desired Income
To price the packages, start with what you want to make per hour. Then, estimate how many hours the included services will take. If you don’t know until you start working with the client, offer a pay-by-the-hour assessment, setup, cleanup service first. Then, once you have a better idea how much time things are going to take for the client, you can propose package prices.
4. Bonus Tip!
Add additional value items in your packages to help justify the price in your potential client’s mind. For example, could you provide a pre-recorded video training or an eBook with helpful tips? In this way, you are adding products to your services. You only spend your time once to create them, but they continue to boost the price of your packages and increase your revenue. Plus, these differentiate you from your competition so you are no longer competing in price wars, but in value provided.
If you are tired of being a slave to the clock in your business, you need to stop billing by the hour.

The path to enjoying more sales and more freedom is to create standardized packages with flat fees!


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