First Impressions Matter

By: Ed Jubenville, Kathleen's husband   |    Read time: 3 minutes


Driving on the freeway today I saw something that literally made me laugh out loud. 

Check it out...

Take a close look.

What'll see is a heavy equipment hauler repurposed for a smaller -but apparently no less important- job.  

The driver made a tremendously good first impression on me:

--> He has a sense of humor.

--> He takes his job seriously, but not too seriously.

--> Quality matters.  (Notice how well the cargo is secured).

--> He is unafraid to be himself and make a statement.

--> He is marketing his trustworthiness.

I would hire this guy in an instant. I already know that he is passionate about his job, gets along well with people, is reliable, and can be trusted.

I recently read an advertisement seeking someone to watch over a house for sale.  The job was to get the house ready to let realtors in while the owners were out of town.  Responsibilities included baking cookies to make the house smell great!  That seller was keen on the idea of making a good first impression.

Never underestimate the power of the first impression you make on people.  While it is common knowledge that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, great effort still goes into every book cover design because it forms the first impression a prospective reader will have. The author will only have a moment to capture your attention, just as the truck driver captured mine.

Every relationship we ever have starts with a first impression.  We receive one, and we give one. If there is something “off” about the first impression, there may never be a chance for a second impression.  

Think about some of the first impressions you’ve experienced from the list below. Chances are, one of them gave you a negative impression and it was so strong you chose something else.

  • Checking into a hotel room.
  • Walking through a home with a realtor.
  • Being greeted by a salesperson.
  • Sitting down in the chair of a new hair stylist.
  • Trying on a new pair of shoes.
  • Tuning in to a new TV show.
  • Browsing through social media posts.

Take advantage of every opportunity to make a first impression.  For example, you may have had a bad morning and not be in the mood to meet someone, but they won't know that. Speak with enthusiasm.  Speak with hope and optimism.  If they ask how your day is going, say GREAT!  You won't be lying.  Every day that you are alive is a great day, filled with unforeseen opportunities and hidden gems.

First impressions matter.  A LOT.


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