10 Mindset Shifts You Needed to Master Yesterday to Stop Overwhelm in Your Business

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By: Kathleen Ries-Jubenville   |    Read time: 6 minutes


 Before you even started your business, you probably experienced a multitude of defeating thoughts. And, if you are like most business owners, these thoughts have continued to haunt you and threaten to undermine your success. Fear is our biggest enemy and it manifests into a negative mindset. 


Here are 10 of the most important mindset shifts you need to master to combat fear and stop the overwhelm in your business! 


 1. Old mindset: Selling is pushy and rude.

     New mindset: Selling is sharing and caring.

When you offer and share a product or service that can effectively solve someone's problem, it demonstrates your passion care for others. A doctor doesn't hesitate to tell you about a procedure they believes is in your best interest, do they?

Here's a trick to make selling easier...give them permission to say "no." Tell them up front: I am going to share information I believe will help you with your problem but you have no obligation to buy.... And just watch your sales-closing rate go up!


2. Old mindset: I have to beat my competition.

    New mindset: There is an abundance of people who can benefit from my unique offer.

It really doesn't matter what other people are doing. You're going to do it in a different way. People will be attracted to your marketing messages, your personality, your products. And, unless you are selling something only 2 people need, there are plenty of potential customers. Get a feel for the market, related price points, and what's seemingly working for others, then ignore them completely and focus on your own unique and amazing ideas!


3. Old mindset: Anyone can be my customer.

    New mindset: I can best help a specific set of people.

It may be true that "anyone" can be your customer. For example, I heard a fellow networker who sells skincare products say they are looking for referrals to "anyone with skin." Though, I doubt they received any referrals from that pitch. It may be true that you can help anyone, but you need to focus on selling to a specific type of person. If my fellow networker had said they wanted a referral for men with very dry hands because of their work outdoors, they would've had much better results. So determine a specific target market and develop a relevant marketing message to attract them.


4. Old mindset: I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

    New mindset: I am honest and considerate of both my feelings and theirs.

A business owner is a leader. As a leader, you will have difficult conversations and a little preparation makes it easier. Consider what you want the outcome of the conversation to be. Do you really want to "fire" your client or do you just want them to stop texting you on Saturdays? Think about what might be motivating them or concerning them or challenging them. Determine if you can create a solution that satisfies both party's needs. You may need to engage them through this process to determine the solution. Or be ready to present your own solution. Either way, to be respectful of your feelings and your client's, it is always best to be honest.


5. Old mindset: I'm not as good as that other person.

    New mindset: My unique combination of personality, experience, talents, education, and viewpoint are great for serving and helping my customers.

We are all on different journeys...different paths in our personal and business development. Nobody is better than you. You have been specifically groomed to serve a specific set of people. We are always learning, and all have areas to improve, but as long as your heart is in the right place to help others, you will soar!




6. Old mindset: Employees are a lot of trouble.

    New mindset: Employees help me grow my business and expand my opportunity to serve more people.

When businesses are stuck, it's often because they have more customers that they can handle. When you are working too hard, for too long, it's time to get some help! Perhaps you can use an independent contractor for a specific job, such as your bookkeeping. But if they are helping you serve your clients, they are probably going to be classified as an employee (There are laws around this which usually decide this for you). Bringing on your first employee takes some effort; as does learning the skills to manage your team. But, your business will not grow unless your support team does too. And, it is truly an honor to provide paid positions to help others live their life with honor, dignity, and purpose through your vision. You will be surprised at how fast your mindset levels up and your business grows, even with just one part-time employee!


7. Old mindset: This was a failure.

    New mindset: This was a learning opportunity.

Quite frankly, if your business initiatives are not failing often, then you may not be taking enough chances! The only way to learn about what works is to try a lot of things that don't work. Did you know Thomas Edison made almost 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb before he succeeded? I'm so glad he didn't give up! As a business owner, you are an inventor too. Most things you try will be new to you. Keep trying. Be strategic about it. Don't try everything, but try lots of things that provide an opportunity to achieve your goals. If something doesn't work, remember, you're not failing, you are learning!


8. Old mindset: I don't know what I'm doing.

    New mindset: I will always do my best and have faith I can figure things out as I go.

Nobody who is advancing their career or building a business ever entirely knows what they're doing. We often feel like we should portray ourselves as "knowing it all." While people may expect a certain level of ability, you should never lie to anyone about your experience. You don't have to minimize your value either. Here are the magic words you can say when you feel like you don't know what you are doing: "I'm not sure, but I will find out!" This phrase got me hired for my first job -- which I had absolutely no experience for -- and I said it every time I was asked a question by a client that I didn't know the answer to. People will understand if you don't have all the answers, so simply express confidence in your own ability to do your best and figure things out.


9. Old mindset: I feel disrespected and taken advantage of.

    New mindset: I clearly communicate my expectations and provide timely feedback.

Whether you are talking with a client or managing an employee, you must communicate your expectations for the relationship right from the start. Then, continue the conversation by providing regular, timely feedback. There are different ways to manage a client than an employee, but both of them expect you to lead the conversation. If someone is not treating you with respect, or honoring your boundaries, start by asking yourself, "Have I told them what I want and given them opportunities to succeed?" If the answer is "yes," then it might be time to let them go. Whatever the outcome, you have treated yourself with respect. And, frankly, that's the most important result!


10. Old mindset: I have to figure it all out by myself.

      New mindset: A business coach provides the training and support I need to create a profitable and enjoyable business!

It's an unfortunate statistic that 50% of small businesses fail in less than 5 years. Studies have shown that 70-75% of business owners don't have a plan and don't get help.

This doesn't have to be you! When I started my business, I had no idea what I was doing. I felt like it wasn't fair that I wasn't taught the skills I needed to run my business. I didn't learn them in college or in my cubicle! That's why I'm a business coach now; I want to help other entrepreneurs, like you, avoid the same challenges that took me many years to overcome. I encourage you to contact me today to find out how you can get the training and support you need to create and grow your profitable and enjoyable business!


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