3 Mindset Books to Unlock Your Business Success Overnight

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By: Kathleen Ries-Jubenville   |    Read time: 5 minutes


One of the keys to my success in life - and especially in business - is that I read a lot of books in a broad variety of subjects. Each author gives me a new perspective or insight I didn't have before. Even reading for pleasure often highlights some element of human nature I may not have previously thought about!

And this is important too because, after all, what is the primary activity of a business owner? Interacting with humans! It's about managing our staff, communicating with our network, and serving our customers. So, people skills - or what I like to call influential leadership - is a critical element of our entrepreneurial success.

When we first start our business, we often think our education or certifications or technical expertise is all we need. In fact, many people start a business because they have some amazing technical skill they want to use to help others. Others have a product they want to sell. But everyone eventually realizes that owning a business is a people adventure, not just a production job. We need to be able to market to get leads, sell to close sales, and serve well to develop loyal customers. Even if you are a natural at communication, these are specialized skills I recommend you continue to learn more about and improve. The success of your business depends on it!



I have picked three books to share with you to shift your mindset in the areas of marketing, sales, and customer service. Practicing the principles in these books can help you unlock your business success (almost) overnight!


Marketing: "Copywriting Secrets" by Jim Edwards

If you are not getting enough customer leads, you may need to adjust where you are advertising or networking. But first, take a look at your marketing message. Most of the time, business owners give up too quickly with a particular marketing initiative and end up jumping from opportunity to opportunity without much success. More likely, it's your message, not your strategy, that is the problem. Instead of talking about yourself, focus on sharing how you empathize with your potential customers' problems, how your product or service solves their problems, and the benefits they will receive by working with you. When your message is written down anywhere, including on notecards for your live or video presentation, the act of writing the message is called copywriting. Online marketing has magnified the need for all business owners to be great copywriters. We are publishing content regularly on our website, landing pages, and in social media. Your message needs to be clear and effective. Jim Edwards has done a great job of simplifying the art of writing great marketing messages in his book, "Copywriting Secrets." He gives straightforward tips and tricks and formulas for success. I keep this book by my desk at all times and refer to it frequently. His "Ultimate Bullet Formula" alone is worth the price of the book to improve your marketing message and capture more leads!


Sales: "Way of the Wolf" by Jordan Belfort

 OK - for those of you who watched the movie, "The Wolf of Wall Street" and have heard about Jordan Belfort's sordid past, I know it's difficult to give his book the benefit of the doubt. But this is a man who knows how to sell things and he shares some incredible strategies in it. Please note: For the faint of heart, I am recommending the book, not the movie. The movie is graphic and has been criticized for glamorizing a lifestyle of crime. It shows how Jordan Belfort used sleazy sales techniques to cheat people out of their money. He wrote his book later to explain the art and science of influential sales conversations to help people buy what will honestly help them. He seems to have learned the difference between the two agendas in his maturity. He still doesn't pull any punches in the book, but that's actually why it's one of my favorite books on sales techniques. You don't have to use any of his strategies you are not comfortable with, but do consider this before you throw an idea out: Are you just scared to ask for the sale in general, or is his suggestion really outrageous? Most business owners I meet start out afraid to close the sale. Here's the mindset shift...if you don't sell them your products or services, your customers problems will not get solved and you have not made the difference in their lives you desire to make. People need to be led. It's ethical if you are telling them the truth and offering a solution you really believe can help them. Once you "own" this, you are ready to read this book and increase your sales conversion rates!




Customer Service: "Raving Fans" by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles

Now that you have captured the lead and closed the sale, you need to serve your client and fulfill your end of the agreement. But you don't have to stop there. You can create what Blanchard and Bowles call a "raving fan!" Their easy-to-read parable describes how great customer service can become part of your company culture to build relationships with followers who keep coming back to engage with you and buy more from you. These are people who love to tell others about your amazing products and services. They will also give you great testimonials and reviews. This book was first published in 1993...before either Amazon or Facebook were founded! It proves that "likes" and "shares" have always been important for our business growth. The only thing that has changed is the way our customers can express their appreciation. So, when reading this book, be thinking about ways to apply their ideas in today's technological world. "Raving Fans" can help you develop a culture of connection, great service, and loyal customers!


And...here's a bonus book recommendation:

Leadership Skills: "Grow a Pair of Antlers: The Fearless Climb to Lead Your Herd" by Kathleen Ries-Jubenville

I wrote this book to share with you how to develop and apply the skills that have helped me succeed personally and professionally. They are the skills of intentional purpose, courageous actions, and influential leadership. Consider this...what if you believed you could change the world? I know you can make a bigger difference than you think! In this book, I share stories of everyday courage to help you find the confidence you may have lost along the way. I describe the steps you need to take to manage change in your life and take control of your future. I equip you to Grow a Pair of Antlers and become a Fearless Climber, so you can Lead Your Herd with intention, courage, and influence.

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